Windy 500 v4.0: It’s the Final Countdown


We are nowhere near as cool or sexy as these long-maned Swedish man-whores, but we’re not opposed to letting a Glam Metal staple like Europe explain the Windy 500 v4.0:

“We’re leaving together,
But still it’s farewell
And maybe we’ll come back,
To earth, who can tell?”

I don’t even know if they speaks the English so good, so I doubt they knew what they were singing about.  Or maybe they were actually trying to make the second worst song ever

Side Note: In my former life as a local roadie, I actually set up for Europe (or was it Holland?) at Marty Zivko’s in Hartford.

Anyway, back to bike riding.  The 4th Annual Ride of Stupidity is nearly here and we have a dozen or so slightly shorter haired dudes ready to Ride Angry.

This year’s ride will be one veteran short, and therefore for the first time ever, the coveted Grey Jersey (“Gris Jaune”) will be up for grabs.  Our esteemed colleague, Jeremy Johnson, suffered a nasty fall and is on the Injured Reserve for this go-round:

Jeremy Johnson warming up for Schlitz Park

Jeremy Johnson warming up for Schlitz Park

All the best my man!

Look for the full ride report mid-August, and mark your calendars for next year’s adventure.


“Cycling is the New Golf”

About a week ago, I got a call at my desk from CNN.  My first thought was: who is this and what are they trying to sell me??  Turns out they were doing an article about cycling and business and someone tipped them off to my Midwest Cycling Networking group.

Here’s the article: 

For entrepreneurs, cycling is the new golf

I was more than willing to share the gospel of cycling as well as how it has positively impacted me personally as well as my business’ bottom line.  It’s definitely a “good news” story – I’m in better shape at almost 45 than I was at 25, and I’ve met so many awesome friends over the past 6 years that I lost count a long time ago.  For me, bikes and business have been a true blessing.  I’ve grown my fitness, my business, but most importantly – my base of friends.  Not business-name-tag-wearing acquaintances, but TRUE friends.  Guys who would bail me out of jail at 2:00am on a Saturday, no questions asked.

So after the article was posted for a day or two I went back and re-read it.  By the way, one of the other guys they referenced was John Schnatter, founder of Papa John’s.  Maybe you’ve heard of his business?

Anyway, I read the article and then I read a handful of the comments.  WOW.  Apparently bunch of spiteful, arrogant assholes read the CNN Money Blog.  Here are a couple of sample comments:

“You’re the same as the person riding next to you. So it makes people more approachable. ” What BS, pricks on $5000 bikes are still pricks.

Can’t compare the networking potential between golfing and biking. The idea is dumb. You basically eliminating from your network all people that are out of shape, which is most of the ones that could be beneficial. This article is useless.

Another stupid article by a failing news outlet. Cycling is not the new golf. You aren’t going to invite your client cycling. Especially if he’s a giant fat golf playing couch potato. Even fat people golf. not a lot of fat people out cycling and when they are out cycling, they need to stop wearing the outfit!

I’d go on, but you get the picture.  To make matters worse, Golf Digest ran the article and gave their version of cycling hate speech too:

‘Cycling is the new golf,’ says CNN Money. Really?

Normally, I’d blow this off, but let’s just say I’m in a mood today.  Here was my response:

Interesting. I am featured in this article. I was contacted out of the blue about an opportunity that I set up over 6 years ago to meet like-minded people. It’s amazing how many people want to tear it apart online. It’s simply a group of people who do something they love together. Golf Digest ran this article and ripped apart on the basis that golf is better. Really?

I’d bet that Tiddleywinks Weekly probably doesn’t like it either. I’m just glad I spend my time outdoors doing what I love, rather than trolling the internet looking to offer my negative opinion about anything and everything.

Commence negative comments.

I’m a very easy-going guy.  I ride because I love it.  It makes me a better person, Dad, husband and friend.  I have no tolerance for hate-speech, and I don’t understand it.  If you’re fat and unhappy, change it.  If you enjoy golf or some other sport/activity, great!  That’s what life’s all about.  But to go out of your way to criticize and condemn others for doing something that can only be interpreted as good/healthy, I don’t get it.  Get a life.  In fact, get my life.  Losers.

2013-07-27 09.54.32

Well, it’s time to get started…

Goodbye 2013.  Good riddance.

Yes, I had some fun on the bike.  Put on almost exactly the same number of miles as 2012, even though I took almost 3 full months off (I put less than 1,000 miles in after August).  Aside from the great riding though, this was a pretty uneventful year.  2014 looks to be the exact opposite.  Lots of change, lots of excitement and lots of riding.

Although my 10 days of ToAD were an improvement over 2012, it finished with a pathetic limp to the finish line on the last day.  If I said I was running on fumes at that point, I’d just be giving fumes a bad rap.  I was smoked.  While my overall fitness had improved from the prior year, my specificity really had not.  I didn’t really dial my riding back very much in the off-season, and by ToAD I had lost any and all strength gains made in the gym over the winter.

This year I did the opposite – less riding in the off-season, more time in the gym.  Lots of CrossFit-type of stuff.  Fixing aches and pains and weaknesses and strength imbalances.  I feel much better, and I hope it pays off.

Time will tell.  Now if the snow would ever go away…


Suck it Winter!

rollersOne more minute riding inside and I might go Postal.  This weather sucks.  I’m keeping as much body hair as possible right now, just to stay warm:

burtreynoldsbgYes, we all know how cold it is.  But, when I look back at this in a year as I’m getting ready to ride outside in the morning, I probably won’t see this warning:


Suck it Winter.