Fetish 3.13First off – I am personally guaranteeing that we’ll have much warmer weather than this morning’s ride for the 2013 Windy 500.  If not, I am offering 200% refunds to all participants.

There have been a number of significant flavor enhancements to this year’s event:

  • This is the bike I plan to ride.  I’ll probably add a rack with an insulated bag too (to keep cans of PBR cold).  No need for speed, or style, or front derailleurs for that matter.  I may smoke a pipe and wear a tweed jacket for the whole ride too.
  • We’ll once again have the infamous Jeremy driving sag.  A Suburban and an enclosed trailer.  You can bring as much crap as you need!
  • We’ll take the speeds down to “reasonable”.  I swear.  I really mean it this time.  Years past, the speeds have been known to creep up.  So, we’ll need to find something else to get Lampe pissed off about this year.
  • This year, we’ll actually launch on Thursday evening.  We’ll roll about 35 or so miles to Palmyra and stay overnight there, enjoying delicious beer and wine and beer Thursday evening.  And beer.
  • Friday morning, we’ll have breakfast in Palmyra and roll out for 50 miles with another group. Then back to HQ for a delicious lunch (and beer) before heading back out for another half-century.  Back to HQ for a delicious chef-prepared meal and wine.  And beer.
  • Saturday morning we roll out with the other group, back to HQ for lunch then we part ways and head South to Illinois.
  • Illinois to Indiana on Sunday.
  • Indiana straight back (via the Lakefront) to Brookfield on Monday.
  • We’ll be riding through 3 states this year, and rolling over 500 odometer digits  by Monday evening.

This is an awesome time, something that once people experience gets locked into their calendars for infinity.  And there’s beer.

Anyone is welcome.  (Anyone that can ride 4 successive Centuries.)

And they should probably like beer.



3 responses to “2013 Windy 500 Update”

  1. Jason Avatar

    I don’t like beer so much… But I love to ride my bike and share the experience of a long bike trip with great people. So, if no one cares that I don’t have more than a beer a day and respond to everyone as Jeremy, then I’m in for sure!


    1. Jason Kayzar Avatar

      Balden – your only 2 jobs are:
      Keep an eye on the Chamois Cream supply.
      Snuggle with Jeremy


  2. Luke Avatar

    I live on the West Coast, so I won’t be able to make it, but I totally approve of this plan! Mind if I reblog this on Mountainbeering?


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