2014 Race #1: If you’re going to flat, wait until there’s a half a lap to go!  Just sayin’.


Whitnall 2014

6 responses to “Whitnall Spring Classic”

  1. Jason Balden Avatar
    Jason Balden

    If you weren’t such a lard ass, you wouldn’t flat so much!


  2. Jason Kayzar Avatar

    The world needs fat guys too.


  3. Ovetta Sampson Avatar

    o I read your write up on money.cnn about your cycling group. My first thought was, awesome that’s cool. But then I went on to read about how you’re starting a women’s group that’s “half the distance and the speed.” I just wanted to say I’m in Chicago and would love to ride with you guys I’m a tech CEO and as a woman who does more than 6,000 miles a year on her bike, triathlons and Ironmans to boot I can tell you right now you won’t have to cut the distance or the speed…in fact you’ll have to raise both if you intend to keep up with me. Happy Riding!


    1. Jason Kayzar Avatar

      Ovetta, unfortunately that was CNN’s language. The 2nd group was started to appeal to “everyone”. I’d LOVE to see you on the ride!!


      1. Ovetta Sampson Avatar

        I was hoping you’d say that! Lets coordinate!


  4. chaosupfront Avatar

    This is going viral. How nice we go past a couple of golf courses on our route, just saying.



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