3 foot rule, my butt!

The 3 foot rule is a law in Florida, but someone forgot to tell all of the motorists here.

Man, I thought the rednecks in pickups were bad in Wisconsin.  The fact is, 99.999% of motorists I encounter in WI are cyclist friendly, sometimes too much so.  Like when you’re attempting a track stand at a 4-way stop, and the car decides that you now have the right of way –

(“Go” “No, you go”  “No I insist, you go” – then you both take off at the same time)

Here, not only are there some scary non-shoulders, but the 3 foot rule is merely a suggestion given to every 10th vehicle.  At least no one leaned out of their pick-up and yelled crap I couldn’t understand once they were past me, but I definitely feared for my life on a few of the main roads today until I hit a little patch of shoulder I could swing onto.