3 foot rule, my butt!

The 3 foot rule is a law in Florida, but someone forgot to tell all of the motorists here. Man, I thought the rednecks in pickups were bad in Wisconsin.  The fact is, 99.999% of motorists I encounter in WI are cyclist friendly, sometimes too much so.  Like when you’re attempting a track stand atContinue reading “3 foot rule, my butt!”

The Tosa Spokesmen – who are they??

“All Weather is Good Weather” If you have ever been on a group ride or some charity ride in Southeastern Wisconsin, you’ve probably seen one of these jerseys: The Spokesmen are a loosely organized group of riders from (wait for it…) Wauwatosa who get together just about every day, 365 days a year, to rideContinue reading “The Tosa Spokesmen – who are they??”

“Cold symptoms”… leg warmers, jackets and full finger gloves.

Not quite ice fishing season yet, but that cool Lake breeze and 45-50 degree temps will definitely wake you up at 5:30am. Cool enough for leg warmers and sleeves, but warm enough to feel just right once you’re warmed up.  Normally, this would feel much warmer, but I’ve really become pretty accustomed to our 80Continue reading ““Cold symptoms”… leg warmers, jackets and full finger gloves.”

Whatever doesn’t kill you…

I just got this quote in my email: “It’s easy to do the right thing when you are on top of the mountain. But true character is exposed by how you act during the climb up.” Thursday Mornings mean “The PUKER”! Laps of goodness this morning with 1 thing missing… a seat. New seatpost isContinue reading “Whatever doesn’t kill you…”