Don’t be afraid of the dark

4:50am alarm clock wake-up, and no sunlight for a long time this morning… Rode to the Spokesmen ride and back this morning, just a quick 30-35 (?) miles, and I picked up a little coffee on the way home.  It’s nice to be done riding at 7:20, have some coffee and then start my day.Continue reading “Don’t be afraid of the dark”

Crystal Ridge WORS pre-ride report…

First let me say the long sleeve jersey was overkill this morning.  I was expecting it to be much cooler.  Second, I apologize for the crappy cell-phone pix.  Third, HOLY CRAP, this is gonna be FUN! A word to the ex-BMXers, you’re going to tear it up Sunday.  A word to the roadies – stayContinue reading “Crystal Ridge WORS pre-ride report…”

Friends… with benefits

Not THAT kind of benefits, I’m happily married.  The kind of benefits you get from jumping on a bike with a group of people you don’t (or hardly) know and making instant friends. This week I had the pleasure of doing a recovery ride with a few “recreational” riders.  Recovery rides always seem like aContinue reading “Friends… with benefits”

SPINNING Eye for the Straight Guy

“Always do everything you ask of those you command.” General George S. Patton Taught my Wednesday 6am SPIN class today.  I’ll admit, Patton probably never took a SPIN class.  You don’t exactly think of MMA and cigars and Monster Trucks when you think about SPIN classes, but they do have some value for “real” cyclists.Continue reading “SPINNING Eye for the Straight Guy”

Brought a knife to the gunfight

Monday morning road ride with the Spokesmen – I brought the 69er.  The new 36:15 gearing for the WORS race Sunday feels ridiculous compared to the biggest previous gears – 32:16.  We were rolling along at 20mph this morning, a speed previously reserved for downhills only on this rig.  Spinning up the paved roads feltContinue reading “Brought a knife to the gunfight”