2013 Windy 500 Update

First off – I am personally guaranteeing that we’ll have much warmer weather than this morning’s ride for the 2013 Windy 500.  If not, I am offering 200% refunds to all participants. There have been a number of significant flavor enhancements to this year’s event: This is the bike I plan to ride.  I’ll probably addContinue reading “2013 Windy 500 Update”

“Windy 500” ride report

Q: “Where are you guys from? A: “Milwaukee” Q: “Where you headed?” A: (depended on what day it was) “Shawano” “Iron Mountain, Michigan” “Shawano” “Milwaukee” Q: “What are you doing this for?” A: “For fun” …long pause… “I can think of a lot more fun things to do than this…” And so it went forContinue reading ““Windy 500” ride report”

I’m bringin’ splatter paint back!

Annual eppstein uhen architects ride yesterday – http://www.eua.com/bdbt/– 102 miles of bicycling bliss.  Wish I could say the same for my bike and for the other riders in the lead group with me.  There was only 1 small group of 20 mph riders this year, and no 22 mph group.  In years past, there were 3Continue reading “I’m bringin’ splatter paint back!”