Why We Ride (sometimes I forget)

So, about 2 weeks ago, Blake asked me when we would be going to watch the “Halloween Race”.  Each of the past few years, he and I have gone down to Washington Park and watched Halloween Cross.  Just 2 guys hanging out doing guy stuff, no Moms or sisters.  Kids need to be 10 yearsContinue reading “Why We Ride (sometimes I forget)”

Cars vs. Bikes – why isn’t it cars AND bikes?

I’m a little edgy today.  I set my alarm last night for 4:45am to ride to my first-ever CX practice, and then I forgot to turn the alarm on.  No CX practice.  Then as I was driving to my office from a meeting, I heard someone discussing the Bike Fed on the radio.  I turnedContinue reading “Cars vs. Bikes – why isn’t it cars AND bikes?”

4 reasons why gears suck:

All set for a lovely ride on my newly (but not new) cobbled together Fetish 1×9 CX bike this morning. 24 degrees, clear roads – ready for action!  About 4 miles in, I started getting all kinds of weird noises out of the drive-train.  [Not to be confused with the ball bearing noise coming fromContinue reading “4 reasons why gears suck:”