July Networking ride report

Absolutely perfect weather greeted 30 riders as we toed the line at Attitude for the July networking ride.  Actually 31, as Jim Mitchell missed the launch but followed behind solo.

A great time was had by all – once again we held the speed to a comfortable chat pace.  Billy O. and Bill King led the group out and we followed the route to a T, with not one single wrong turn (could be a first…).

Afterward we crammed into and outside of Seester’s for dozens of Dos XX, generously purchased by Brad Babcock.  Brad works with surety bonds and has a ton of customers in the construction trades.  He appears to be extremely well-connected too, so I’m anxious to talk to him more on the next ride.

We had quite a few new riders to the group as well, (Brad Kussow shot me a quick note to say he had a great time on his first networking ride) which is always great to see.  This is first and foremost a networking opportunity for like-minded business-people.  I am currently working on a stand-alone website for the group which will list ride info, as well as info companies and individuals that participate.  I am hoping to have the website be a great “go-to” for connecting people outside of the 3 hours we spend together once a month.  Please feel free to email any suggestions to me of content you’d like to see on the site.

Next ride is Wednesday, August 10th.  Mark your calendars now!

May Networking Ride ~ aka: “Cloosterfook”

A wise man once told me “…don’t apologize for things you didn’t do…”

So here’s my apology:  I’m sorry we got off the route.  It created some confusion for sure, but once we got back on track we were good.  If you ever see me at the front of the pack without a map, feel free to jam a pump in my spokes.  I have no business leading any route.  We had about 2 dozen riders yesterday, a few of whom were new to the ride – we usually do a much better job of sticking to the route.

Now, the unfortunate stuff:

  • It’s unfortunate that the ride started with a confrontation with a douche-bag in a pick-up truck – not the best way to start any ride.
  • It’s unfortunate that the weather didn’t hold out.  Fortunately, it was warm and it didn’t rain too hard (until Andrew and I rode home).  Nothing like putting on soaking wet shoes at 5:30 for a ride this morning…
  • It’s unfortunate that we had 2 speeds: “Ridiculous” and “Ludicrous”.  Fortunately we didn’t hit “Plaid”.  We usually try to keep this ride at or below 20 mph, and yesterday we were going way too hot for a casual chat ride.  Some of us have no problem with that pace, for others it’s insanity.  This group is about riding, but it’s also about talking.  It’s hard for some guys to talk when they are choking on their hearts.  Let’s save the testosterone for Glacier Hill, and keep the ride speed reasonable.  I’d hate to lose participants because some guys are doing race training.  Again, I sometimes find myself in that group – so everyone needs to do their part to keep the speed casual and keep this ride slightly challenging but fun.

The worst part about a group as a whole going faster than it should is that it creates a lot of danger.  From the back, our “peloton” looked like a pile of drunken sailors.  Last month the group flowed very smoothly, as everyone was riding in their comfort zone.

OK – now the good stuff!

  • Beer sponsor… BRILLIANT! Thanks once again to Nelson Williams from Briohn Building Corporation for the idea AND the 1st sponsorship.  Nelson gave us a quick intro to Briohn while Andrew held the douche-bag trucker at bay before we took off.  Along the ride route, we passed quite a few Briohn–built buildings, I had no idea how big they are.  By the way, if you’re down with Nelson you know it’s pronounce “Brian”…
  • Did I mention the beers?  They were delicious as always and we packed that place.  The best part of the rides (for me) is getting to know everyone after the rides.  Seesters has our group on their calendar now, and the owner told me that she is going to let some of the soda stay warm in order to stock more Dos XX in the fridge for us next month!  So bring your thirsty friends next time.
  • The ride: It’s always a good day to ride your bike, even if yesterday was not exactly ideal.  I think the crazy route put us around 30-ish miles (?) for anyone keeping track.
  • No one suffered any severe sunburn! (OK, now I’m reaching a bit).
I’ll see you ALL on June 8th!

April “Networking Ride” recap

Another ride in the books, and man what a day!

70+ degrees and sunny brought everyone out of the woodwork.  The rider count was somewhere around 20 or maybe even  a few more.  Route was about 35 or 36 miles, and the pace was surprisingly up-tempo for early April – no better way to spend an afternoon.  A great group of “seasoned” riders, everyone knew how to ride in a group which is not always the case.  A few regulars, a few new faces and a few people I hadn’t seen for a while made for good conversation throughout the afternoon.  We capped off the route with a climb up Glacier Road (a favorite of mine), which had been skipped on the last few rides.

Of course, Dos XX Ambers after the ride – sponsored by 2 very generous participants (thanks again) and then everyone headed home.

Tell your friends – next ride is May 11th… see you there!

October 13 Networking Ride wrap-up:

If you like riding your bike in 66 degree sunny weather, this was the ride for you.

About 16 (?) riders started, but we lost one early on to a broken spoke.  Those with intact wheels enjoyed about a 36 mile stroll through Lake Country, probably within a week of peak Fall colors.  Just a beautiful day, and a great mix of people.  We had riders from Green Bay, Madison and even Illinois (International if you include John Tonner, since he’s a Scotsman).

The pace was nice, even though Mark Lampe was possessed and constantly rode 10 yards off the front.  Those of us who had time hit up a local watering hole for a few pints of Guinness and schmoozing after the ride.  It’s amazing that people will pay $100 to do some golf event in the hopes that they will be able to talk to prospective clients or business partners.  Our networking rides are free (unless you buy a round of beers…), have over 300 riders on the email list, and include people from 4 of the top 10 & 13 of the top 100 businesses in Wisconsin.  What better way to meet prospective clients, business partners and friends?

I keep thinking that each ride will be the last one for the year in shorts and short sleeves, but this fantastic weather continues.  Join us Wednesday,  November 10th for the next ride – this time you might actually have to wear warmer gear.