The end of an era

7,437 miles and counting… In the past 2 calendar years, the longest I’ve been off the bike was 9 days: November 30 to December 8, 2010.  Before that, I wasn’t keeping track. I’ve enjoyed every mile – every adventure, every race, every crash, every one of the 316 rides so far.  But it’s time forContinue reading “The end of an era”

“Festive 500” – final day

Nowhere near the 500km goal of the Festive 500, but I didn’t plan on it.  For me, this was a reminder to get out and ride every day (that I could).  A little sloppy this morning, but 40+ degrees was a lot nicer than the 4 degree wind-chill on Tuesday.  Had a great time, putContinue reading ““Festive 500” – final day”

How To: de-funk-ify old kits and shoes…

Just sent this out to some friends, but I figured it was worth a post. My old kits are getting funkier every time I wear them, even though I only use sports-specific detergent and air dry them.  So I asked a friend at LG for some advice on getting the funk out: It’s not anContinue reading “How To: de-funk-ify old kits and shoes…”

Friends… with benefits

Not THAT kind of benefits, I’m happily married.  The kind of benefits you get from jumping on a bike with a group of people you don’t (or hardly) know and making instant friends. This week I had the pleasure of doing a recovery ride with a few “recreational” riders.  Recovery rides always seem like aContinue reading “Friends… with benefits”

SPINNING Eye for the Straight Guy

“Always do everything you ask of those you command.” General George S. Patton Taught my Wednesday 6am SPIN class today.  I’ll admit, Patton probably never took a SPIN class.  You don’t exactly think of MMA and cigars and Monster Trucks when you think about SPIN classes, but they do have some value for “real” cyclists.Continue reading “SPINNING Eye for the Straight Guy”

Ready as I’m gonna be

I haven’t done a WORS race since June 13th, and haven’t even ridden the trails much this summer because of the typhoons.  So most of my miles have been on my road bike this season.  While it’s been a lot of fun, it’s not the same as riding off-road.  Besides the obvious differences (dirt beingContinue reading “Ready as I’m gonna be”