3 foot rule, my butt!

The 3 foot rule is a law in Florida, but someone forgot to tell all of the motorists here. Man, I thought the rednecks in pickups were bad in Wisconsin.  The fact is, 99.999% of motorists I encounter in WI are cyclist friendly, sometimes too much so.  Like when you’re attempting a track stand atContinue reading “3 foot rule, my butt!”

How To: de-funk-ify old kits and shoes…

Just sent this out to some friends, but I figured it was worth a post. My old kits are getting funkier every time I wear them, even though I only use sports-specific detergent and air dry them.  So I asked a friend at LG for some advice on getting the funk out: It’s not anContinue reading “How To: de-funk-ify old kits and shoes…”

November Networking Ride

About 17 or so riders braved the chilly November weather… no wait, that was last year. Today, about 17 riders enjoyed the beautiful mid-60 degree afternoon in November on a 36 mile ride through Lake Country, West of Pewaukee.  Awesome day, awesome weather and a great group of riders who were comfortable riding in aContinue reading “November Networking Ride”

Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional

If this looks like fun to you, you have a screw loose… or you’re better adjusted than most people.  You are either clinically insane, or you understand how to bring harmony and/or balance into your life. I’ve been riding bikes since I was about 6 or 7.  I was the last kid on my blockContinue reading “Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional”

Great forecast… for me to poop on!

A slow leak in my rear tire this morning along with a glance at the rain outside at 5:00am convinced me to skip the outdoor ride and head to the WAC to ride the SPIN bike. LAME.  I don’t mind riding inside once in a while in crappy weather, in fact I teach SPIN everyContinue reading “Great forecast… for me to poop on!”