October 13 Networking Ride wrap-up:

If you like riding your bike in 66 degree sunny weather, this was the ride for you. About 16 (?) riders started, but we lost one early on to a broken spoke.  Those with intact wheels enjoyed about a 36 mile stroll through Lake Country, probably within a week of peak Fall colors.  Just aContinue reading “October 13 Networking Ride wrap-up:”

Hundreds at the Littmann Loop ride on Sunday

A very long weekend.  Went to Jeff Littmann’s service on Saturday, and skipped the last WORS race to take part in the Littmann Loop memorial ride on Sunday.  I rode to the ride from my house, and I was a little overwhelmed by emotion on the way there.  The church service the day before wasContinue reading “Hundreds at the Littmann Loop ride on Sunday”

Jeff Littmann changed my life

In the blink of an eye, one of the most influential people in my adult life is gone. Back in 1990, I was working in a bike shop that has since gone out of business.  This monster of a guy would come in every once in a while and talk to Todd Schmidt, one ofContinue reading “Jeff Littmann changed my life”

Personal Lubrication time!

Time for a massage! I haven’t had one since about 3,000 miles ago, and I don’t remember when the last one was before that.  I take really good care of my bikes, but it’s funny how I put care of my body way down on the list; somewhere between lawn mowing and sump pump maintenance.  MassagesContinue reading “Personal Lubrication time!”

“Cold symptoms”… leg warmers, jackets and full finger gloves.

Not quite ice fishing season yet, but that cool Lake breeze and 45-50 degree temps will definitely wake you up at 5:30am. Cool enough for leg warmers and sleeves, but warm enough to feel just right once you’re warmed up.  Normally, this would feel much warmer, but I’ve really become pretty accustomed to our 80Continue reading ““Cold symptoms”… leg warmers, jackets and full finger gloves.”

The Puker – “You must be this tall to ride”

Remember the Scrambler??  Of course you do!  It sucked.  Especially if you just got off the Tilt-O-Whirl.  Holy hurl-fest.  Kind of reminds me of the Puker this morning. I had a little time, so I rode in and picked up Mark Lampe on the way.  It was nice to arrive at a hill repeat sessionContinue reading “The Puker – “You must be this tall to ride””

6am Cedarburg Cobbles Crash in the dark

A great morning for me, but not a good way to start the day for 1 rider.  I headed to Whitefish Bay this morning for the 5:30am beat down ride.  Rolling out in the darkness 2-up, we picked up the pace right away.  Roads were wet and riding that fast in the dark, even withContinue reading “6am Cedarburg Cobbles Crash in the dark”