7 things I learned today about Florida group rides

It gets cold here sometimes. I left at 6:45 this morning and it was in the low 50s.  Not cold for November by Wisconsin standards, but pretty chilly when you have shorts and a short-sleeved jersey on.  So glad I left my arm warmers back inside the locked house.  When I showed up for theContinue reading “7 things I learned today about Florida group rides”

Jeff Littmann Memorial Ride – this Sunday

From: Doug Wambach @ Chiropractic Partners Cycling “I can’t explain the sadness I feel for what has taken place in the last week.  I have gotten to know Jeff quite well this year and feel that I’m a better person for that.  Obviously this hits all of us hard as he was a very popular personContinue reading “Jeff Littmann Memorial Ride – this Sunday”

Whatever doesn’t kill you…

I just got this quote in my email: “It’s easy to do the right thing when you are on top of the mountain. But true character is exposed by how you act during the climb up.” Thursday Mornings mean “The PUKER”! Laps of goodness this morning with 1 thing missing… a seat. New seatpost isContinue reading “Whatever doesn’t kill you…”