2012 – The Year So Far…

2012 – 1,519 miles, 2 road races and the first WORS race: DONE. Mountain bike racing is hard.  Iola was hard, and not fun.  I have done many rides and races that were really hard, but afterward I always felt good – a sense of accomplishment.  Iola was just hard.  When it was over, IContinue reading “2012 – The Year So Far…”

2012 ~ the year of the fat dude?

With the world coming to an end in just 353 days, I figured that I had better get a little scientific about my race plan this year.  For the last 2 years I’ve only averaged about 4,000 miles (that’s 6,400 Km for the roadies), but I’ve also managed to average a ride every other dayContinue reading “2012 ~ the year of the fat dude?”

2011 racing season – that’s a wrap!

AKA – the continuing evolution of a fat dude… Here I am in summer of 2006.  Riding an old mountain bike on the road with my other fat old friends –  Bob Roll and Greg LeMond.  OK, we’re not really friends – just fat.  I had taken many years off of the bike, and wasContinue reading “2011 racing season – that’s a wrap!”

WORS Iola report (finally)

Once again, the 1st WORS race of the year has come and gone.  I saw lots of chatter about how people were just there to have fun, see old friends, not necessarily to race.  Huh?  I think that’s an easy way to say “…if I don’t do well, I can just say I was havingContinue reading “WORS Iola report (finally)”

Blue Loop at sunrise highlights

So, if you chose to use the extra hour to sleep this morning, you missed out on some AWESOME riding. 35 degrees at sun-up, no one else in sight – just me and the 69er single-speed; a great time to do a few blue loops… (you’ll need to hum to yourself, my 30,000 song iTunesContinue reading “Blue Loop at sunrise highlights”

Pterodactyl bites and whambulances at WORS #10…

Pictured below is the actual thing that stung my arm 2 miles into lap 1 at Treadfest yesterday: It hurt like a mofo, then I forgot about it until after the race.  Today my arm is as swollen as Oprah at an Old Country Buffet.  I must be allergic to pterodactyls too, because I haven’tContinue reading “Pterodactyl bites and whambulances at WORS #10…”

Crystal Ridge WORS pre-ride report…

First let me say the long sleeve jersey was overkill this morning.  I was expecting it to be much cooler.  Second, I apologize for the crappy cell-phone pix.  Third, HOLY CRAP, this is gonna be FUN! A word to the ex-BMXers, you’re going to tear it up Sunday.  A word to the roadies – stayContinue reading “Crystal Ridge WORS pre-ride report…”