Tuesday Morning Alarm Malfunction

Was supposed to ride with a new North Shore group this morning @ 5:15, so I set my alarm for 4;15 and then forgot to turn it on.

Woke up at 5:05 – too late to drive 30 miles to the ride in 10 minutes, so I did a solo Lake Country route:

Brookfield out around Pewaukee, Nashota and Nagawicka Lakes to Oconomowoc. 42.5 miles, 1660 ft of climbing and 20.2 average speed.  I wish I could have just kept going, 77 degrees and sunny with a slight headwind on the way back.

Awesome morning.

One response to “Tuesday Morning Alarm Malfunction”

  1. Koby Avatar

    There will be many more Tuesdays for you to join…



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