When I grow up I wanna be like Frankie

I rode with Koby’s group at 5:15 this morning.  I think we had around 20 guys, 33 miles or so.  An easier pace than last week, since some of the hammers are racing ToAD this week.  It was so humid, I couldn’t even keep my glasses on – but by the time we were done it was 70 and sunny, and I didn’t want to stop riding.

For me, it was fun and it’s a great way to get my work day started.  But when I look at what I’m able to do, and the speeds that we cruise at, it makes guys like (Team WI/MC2 teammate) Frankie Dierking seem superhuman.  Winning the Elkhart Lake Pro 1/2 road race like this, with no one even near him:

I was at the Shorewood Crit ToAD opener, and the first lap came around at  32 mph, and they had an hour and a half to go.  My non-cyclist friends look at what I do and they’re amazed, but as an avid cycling enthusiast, I look at guys like Frankie that same way.  Way to represent, my hat’s off to you – I couldn’t even keep up with your shadow.

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