How NOT to win a race (Part Deux)

Tour of America’s  Dairyland race today!  First road race ever!  Early morning start, perfect weather, perfect day.

40 miles (4 , 10 mile laps) with the Masters 4/5s.

Started at the back of the field, worked my way up to the front dozen on the first lap.  Felt good too.  All those Puker laps and single speed mountain biking have really helped my hill-climbing.  Stayed right there for the next 30 miles.

Around the last corner and into a slight uphill sprint to the finish line, everything was golden.  I was probably in about 10th or 11th place at the start of the sprint.  100 yards from the line, my rear brake seized up.  I thought someone grabbed my seatpost and yanked me back.  I came to a complete stop 50 yards from the line.  Somebody ran out and flipped up my brake release to let the wheel spin, then I jumped back on and coasted over the line.

Wow, talk about anti-climactic!  I was not in a position to win the sprint, but I was right there.  Not disappointed, but now I don’t know how well I actually would have done.

This just means I’ll need to do another one…

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