…so what exactly is a “Puker”?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  I may be killed for sharing this, so keep it under your hat.  This is the Puker:

It’s a simple little route really, only a half mile.  3 blocks up, 2 blocks down, 2 blocks across.  A nice little crooked triangle… with 1150 feet of climbing today.

Thanks to the Tosa Spokesmen, I am now addicted to the Puker.  Every Thursday morning I wake up, jump out of bed and get ready for an hour of hill repeats.  Climbing has historically been a weakness of mine, but this weekly ride has forced me to attack that weakness, and I’ve improved tenfold.  Up the hill, over the top, rest and pedal, up the hill, over the top, rest and pedal…

I think the appeal is much the same as golf to some people: no matter how many times I do it, or how fast I go, or how good I feel, there will always be someone who can crush it and make me look like I’m going backwards.  And as long as I keep striving to be that guy, I’ll continue to improve.  And as long as I continue to improve, I’ll inspire the next wave of guys to work a little harder…

Published by Jason Kayzar

Unprofessional cyclist

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