Get your blood pumping with a wet 69er…

Sorry porn dogs, this pic is probably not what you were hoping to see…

Skipped the Puker this morning to lead a group of riders for the Wisconsin Athletic Club. Sadly (or thankfully) no one showed up, so I was able to get out for an hour by myself.  Because I had the single speed, and I was in the city in a rain storm, I hit the bike path for some powerline to powerline sprints.  It kind of reminded me of cruising around in the rain on my BMX bike when I was 10.  Unfortunately once I saw a few lightning strikes, I had to turn around.  The best part of the ride was the 5 minutes I spent after the ride on a picnic bench under a pavilion watching the rain.  Absolute serenity.

This is definitely not good for Sunday’s WORS race.  Crystal Ridge holds more water than Anna Nicole Smith.  That course is going to be a swim through pudding pools.

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