I just got this quote in my email:

“It’s easy to do the right thing when you are on top of the mountain. But true character is exposed by how you act during the climb up.”

Thursday Mornings mean “The PUKER”!

Laps of goodness this morning with 1 thing missing… a seat.

New seatpost is scheduled to arrive via USPS tonight, so I decided to do the Puker hill climbs this morning without it.  Normally I ride the road bike for this, especially the morning after a 65 mile day, but I was kind of ready for a little punishment.

I did NOT set any speed records today, those belonged to Winkel (he was possessed), but I definitely got my workout in for the day.

I REALLY hope that post comes tonight.  I prefer having a seat on my bike, and there’s only a few more days before Treadfest.

On another note, the Networking ride went off as scheduled yesterday, and it really was an awesome ride.  Riding with people who know how to ride in a group makes a huge difference.

Not pictured; Super-John Fleckenstein on his 48×16 Milwaukee single speed.  Animal!

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