Great forecast… for me to poop on!

A slow leak in my rear tire this morning along with a glance at the rain outside at 5:00am convinced me to skip the outdoor ride and head to the WAC to ride the SPIN bike.

LAME.  I don’t mind riding inside once in a while in crappy weather, in fact I teach SPIN every Wednesday.  But to be inside by choice on a 65 degree morning was a dumb decision.  I sweated up a storm so I was just as wet as I would have been outside anyway – except unlike the morning rain it was a “not-so-fresh” soaking.  The 150 mph high wind warning that started at 7am had so far produced nothing more than a light breeze, but I let the pending doom of the day ruin what would have been a great morning ride.  I could have grabbed a different bike, slapped my lights on it and been out the door in about 3 extra minutes, but instead I drove to the club like all the other sheep and did a boring SPIN class in a basement staring at myself in the giant mirrors the whole time.  It’s been such an unbelievably awesome spring/summer/fall for riding that I don’t ever want it to stop.

Puker on Thursday morning – Tsunami be damned!

Published by Jason Kayzar

Unprofessional cyclist

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