About 17 or so riders braved the chilly November weather… no wait, that was last year.

Today, about 17 riders enjoyed the beautiful mid-60 degree afternoon in November on a 36 mile ride through Lake Country, West of Pewaukee.  Awesome day, awesome weather and a great group of riders who were comfortable riding in a chat group at 19.5mph.  Hard to believe we’re just over a month away from Christmas, until you look up at the wreaths on the streetlights:

After just 1 delicious Modelo Negro, Andrew Ohlsson and I took off to ride home, and I swear the temp dropped 50 degrees.  Felt like I was riding home in Winter in my underwear.

See you all in on December 8th!

2 responses to “November Networking Ride”

  1. John Wieseler Avatar
    John Wieseler

    It was a great day to ride and a great bunch of guys (and 1 girl in the beginning). It was one of those days that you confirm “Work is over rated”. I’m sorry that I couldn’t stop for a beer… next time for sure.


  2. "BK" Bill King Avatar

    Awesome Awesome Awesome day for a ride. Great to get out with Kevin Hardman the executive director of the WI Bicycle Federation. Good company all the way around….am not looking forward to the prospect of indoor networking rides but love the opportunity to share them with “like minded” enthusiasts 🙂 It makes me feel like I’m not the only cray one out there spinning the winter away on a trainer.



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