Double down on the temperature: 24 in 12

24 zippy miles this morning at 5:45am aboard the Cannondale $150 single speed.  Sometimes it is my favorite bike – garbage parts, super simple, cheap and indestructible.  42×16 with a freewheel does it all.  I’m not cool/stupid enough to go fixie/no brakes on the road in December.

Temp at the start was 12 degrees.  I thought it would be warmer, but my new wool socks kept me warm and dry with no booties or shoe covers. Long overdue new batteries in my Knog rear flashing light were guiding planes in toward me – Holy crap is that thing bright.

Just me and the bread delivery and garbage trucks on the road this morning.

Definitely won’t hit 500 km in 8 days, but I should be out on the bike every day this week.

Great way to end the year.

Published by Jason Kayzar

Unprofessional cyclist

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