Another ride in the books, and man what a day!

70+ degrees and sunny brought everyone out of the woodwork.  The rider count was somewhere around 20 or maybe even  a few more.  Route was about 35 or 36 miles, and the pace was surprisingly up-tempo for early April – no better way to spend an afternoon.  A great group of “seasoned” riders, everyone knew how to ride in a group which is not always the case.  A few regulars, a few new faces and a few people I hadn’t seen for a while made for good conversation throughout the afternoon.  We capped off the route with a climb up Glacier Road (a favorite of mine), which had been skipped on the last few rides.

Of course, Dos XX Ambers after the ride – sponsored by 2 very generous participants (thanks again) and then everyone headed home.

Tell your friends – next ride is May 11th… see you there!

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