“Cinco de Puker”: hill repeats for breakfast

Just like a hungry bear waking up from his winter hibernation, a dozen or so guys showed up this morning to begin the ridiculous annual ritual we all know and love: the Puker.  Hill repeats on a .5 mile course at 6am on Wednesdays.  Why would anyone do something like this?  Because it’s there of course.

Sunday I did the first WORS race of 2011, and I was really missing the Puker by lap 2. I have a lot of base miles in, but base miles don’t mean squat when you’re humping a single speed up a gravelly hill with your heart in your throat.  Last year with the super-mild Spring we had, we were able to get started with this training ride a lot sooner.  But the crap weather this year made doing fast laps in the dim morning light a little too sketchy.  I threw down 22 laps today and called it a morning:

There are 2 rides I will do anything to make: solo laps at the Southern Kettles on a beautiful Sunday morning at sun-up and the Puker.  My climbing skills didn’t exist at all 4 years ago, and no other ride has done more to make me a better cyclist than this one.

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