It’s been quite a while since I posted anything here.  Not much to say really – get up, ride, go to work, repeat.  This morning was no different.  Having spent the entire weekend banking my landscaping points, I was itching to get out for a ride before work today.  I left my house just before 6:00am – lights blasting.

  I was crushed on my motorcycle 12 years ago, so now I have a hyper-awareness of cars at stop signs turning into traffic.  Coming into Pewaukee I spotted a Jetta at a stop sign on my right, about to turn left onto the road I was on.  I turned and looked right at the driver, and my helmet-mounted light shined right in his face.  Then he pulled out in front of me.

Had I been on my track bike, like I have usually been these past mornings, there’s no way I could have stopped in time.  Thankfully I was on my road bike.  I yelled, hit the brakes and swerved and the driver did the same.  We both stopped just in time, and I rolled within about 6 inches of his bumper.

Comically, he yelled out his window at me.  I was the guy with the right of way, riding the white line on the road with front and rear lights.  But somehow it was my fault that he rolled a stop sign and didn’t look for traffic.

Things definitely could have gone very wrong, but they didn’t.  A few minutes later my heart rate was back to “slightly elevated” instead of red-lined and I was enjoying a peaceful ride.  I went out around the Lake, saw some deer, climbed some hills, screamed down some others and rode back home – full of peace and serenity.

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