Just like my FrankenBike,

The Fetish has been many things, and can do all things:



But it’s never been a disc-equipped rig. Until sometime between now and later:

Goodbye cantilevers…

Winter project – complete tear apart, sand, file, obsess, re-paint, rebuild…

Progress is slow and painful…

To be continued…

After what seemed like an eternity (the 2020 riding season), I’ve finally gotten back to this project. Hoping to now have it built up in time for a ride in 2 weeks…

Canti bosses are gone. Not a perfect surface, but I didn’t want to compromise the metal. Good enough to get going.

Finally gave up on trying to sandblast the hardened paint off of aluminum and had the frame acid dipped. Now she’s RAW like Monday Night. Paint is next.

That looks REAL nice Clark… Real Nice. Now you just need some pieces/parts.

And finally, this:

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