You wanna see a REAL bail out?

So for lunch today I had a Superweek Criterium, Masters 4/5.  Networking meeting at 7am, did some work then rolled over to the .8 mile Brookfield Crit.  Having NEVER done a Crit before, and only 1 road race, I decided to start at the back and work my way up through the pack as the race went on.


I do not recommend that plan.  A Crit is a 20 mile long sprint and there are no hills (something that would have helped me tremendously).  We started and immediately the pace in the 90 degree heat went to Mach 1.  I was just hanging off the back, working 2x as hard as the guys in the front.  After about 7 laps I was able to work my way almost halfway up when the guy in front of me wobbled in the melting tar on the road and almost took me down.  Back of the line again.  After that, I knew it was over.  I dropped after maybe11 or 12 laps.

I have a ton of respect for those guys, not that I didn’t before, but even more so today.   I doubt I’ll try another Crit anytime soon, I need a little more road race experience and a few less cheeseburgers.

Published by Jason Kayzar

Unprofessional cyclist

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