New day, new attitude, new results

What a difference a weekend makes.  I jumped into Superweek races over my lunch hour on both Friday and today.  Friday felt like I had concrete tires and I dropped out halfway through the race.  Today, I didn’t know how early to jump – waited a little too long and ended up in 9th place.  Not bad.  I had the legs and lungs, but instead of just going for it on the last climb to the finish, I was hanging back waiting for someone to go.  When they did I reacted, but I wasn’t able to advance.  Experience will build a little more confidence, and maybe the next race I’ll try to jump before someone else does.

Before the race, I had a sales meeting and 2 appointments to make, so getting there and getting prepared left me pretty stressed out.  Next year, I’ll definitely take a little more time on race days to get a little more focused, hydrated, etc.  It’s not fun jumping out of your truck, throwing your dress clothes off in the middle of a park and hauling butt up to the registration table in order to make it in time.

Unlike Friday, today was a lot of fun.  I really enjoyed myself, felt up to the task and raced well.  I lack experience – anticipating moves and even cornering in the pack – but all that will come.  Overall, pretty happy with how I did.

WORS race Sunday – looks to be a MUDFEST.

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