Does anyone make bubble wrap cycling kits?

Turns out when I couldn’t pick a line to save my life at the Southern Kettles ride on July 3rd, I paid for it with 2 cracked ribs.  Apparently this is a rite of passage after turning 40, since I did it last year too (getting launched into a tree at Crystal Ridge and cracking 2 ribs).

It’s been 3 weeks, and every time I ride I can barely sleep or move the next day, so I thought I’d better have the doc take a look.  The only remedy for cracked ribs is rest and pain killers.  Rest is for dead people, so I went all in on the pain killers.  At least I’ll get some sleep now.

WORS race on Sunday, then no racing for a few weeks.  I should be good as new soon.  Besides, my new bubble-wrap uniform will make me indestructible.

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