Morning of the Living Dead

I awoke to no alarm this morning at 5:23.  I had some definite eraser-head because of all the migraine drugs I’m on.  It took 3 seconds for me to realize that the alarm never went off, and I was due to teach a 2 hour SPIN class in 7 minutes.   I got dressed, ate and brushed my teeth in 4 minutes and flew to the Wisconsin Athletic Club.  I HATE being late, and I’ve never been late for a class in 3+ years.

My friend Dan is fond of saying “excuses mean nothing and apologies make everyone uncomfortable”, and I agree.  So I literally ran into class 15 minutes late, and proceeded to give everyone – including myself – a most righteous beat down.

Not really the best way to come back from a week off, most of it heavily medicated, but whatever.  Every day that goes by I hear about more high school friends that are grandparents now, or have some type of ailment that I once thought was reserved for the elderly.

I can rest when I’m dead, which based on the results of the MRI tonight, will hopefully be a LONG time from now.

Published by Jason Kayzar

Unprofessional cyclist

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