Now that the Tour deee France (as Bobke would say) is over, I find myself in a world of hurt.  Not from cycling, but from something which has yet to be determined.  I woke up with a headache on Saturday, which got progressively worse all day.  By 2am Sunday, it had become impossible to sleep and no over the counter medicine was touching the pain.  When my wife woke, she took me the Urgent Care clinic.  After shooting me up with some drugs, they sent me to the hospital for a CT Scan and then a spinal tap – both of which were to rule out blood on the brain.  Scary crap.  I thought I was just depressed because Andy Schleck’s chain came off in the mountains.

Next stop, and MRI on Wednesday.  Meanwhile I am NOT enjoying a steady diet of pills, quiet and darkness.

Will I miss the Puker again??  The Spokesmen are rapidly losing faith in me I’m certain.  Thank God the WORS race was rescheduled.

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