2022 Windy 500 wrap up

“The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.” – Henry Longfellow I ran into Lex at Colectivo a few weeks ago, and he gently reminded me that this wrap-up has been sitting in my to-do box for way too long. He’s right, but I needed time to think through myContinue reading “2022 Windy 500 wrap up”

2021 Windy 500 wrap up

“Die first. Then you can go about the business of living.” ~ Ekhart Tolle Well, here we are. Year 11. The Annual Ride of Stupidity. In the books. The riding was great, and the weather was great (except when it wasn’t). The group was great – good size, great guys. The new Door County routeContinue reading “2021 Windy 500 wrap up”

2021 Windy 500 dates/routes/details…

All, 2021 will be the 11th running of the Windy (10th anniversary). After the 2019 edition, I had grand dreams of making the 2020 version into something huge. As it turns out, that is what spoiled the magic in the first place. 2020 ended up being (because of COVID) one of the smallest groups ofContinue reading “2021 Windy 500 dates/routes/details…”

Another canti to disc conversion…

Just like my FrankenBike, The Fetish has been many things, and can do all things: But it’s never been a disc-equipped rig. Until sometime between now and later: Goodbye cantilevers… Winter project – complete tear apart, sand, file, obsess, re-paint, rebuild… Progress is slow and painful… To be continued… After what seemed like an eternityContinue reading “Another canti to disc conversion…”

Reflections on the 20 year anniversary of my death

On August 17, 1999, I was run over by a van. I was on a motorcycle doing about 50 mph, and then I was on the ground in a pool of blood doing 0 mph. My femur was sticking through my leg, my hip was shattered and I was bleeding to death in the middleContinue reading “Reflections on the 20 year anniversary of my death”

2019 Windy 500 wrap-up

511 miles. 10,613 ft of elevation. 4 days of awesome. That’s the facts. Now the fluff… The Windy 500 (AKA: “The Windy”) is now 9 years old. In total, we’ve covered 4,594 miles (New York to Los Angeles and back) and climbed 105,704 feet (20+ miles straight up). For reference, the “Death Zone” begins atContinue reading “2019 Windy 500 wrap-up”