All aboard for the Spokesmen’s “Tuesday Morning Tour of Tosa”!

I had sort of forgotten how much fun, and how challenging these short hilly rides were.  I’ve been doing a relatively flat, fast paced 33 mile ride on Tuesday mornings lately.  After last night’s 2 hour ride, with 2 rides to do tomorrow, I opted for the “easier” TMTOT.  It’s only as easy as you make it.  Going up and down Chris Beyer’s crazy routes can give anyone a good workout in a short amount of time.  I had also forgotten how strong all of these short intense road rides made my mountain biking.  1100 feet of climbing this morning, and it just creeps up on you.  Seems like I’ve barely put any miles on the 69er all summer, since it rains every other day.  Got a WORS race in 2 weeks, and I’m definitely gonna head back out with the Spokesmen as much as possible between now and then.  It’s fun to go fast, but it’s more fun to hammer up hill after hill after hill.

I was a little disappointed with my total mileage for 2010, it seemed pretty low.  When I look back at the number of rides though, I’ve got 110 for the year – 1 every other day since January 1.  Many of the rides have just been shorter distances, so I can’t complain.  Quality over quantity I guess.

One response to “TMTOT WTF?”

  1. Kevin Keyes Avatar
    Kevin Keyes

    Nice posting Jason. Great ride this morning. Average speed shows that we have all been working hard this summer.


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