5 rides in the last 60 hours.  Not too much mileage overall, but it feels like I’ve just worked, ridden and slept (a little) this week.

Yesterday’s monthly Networking Ride went off as usual.  We picked a set route and then varied from it, separating the group and losing a person or 2 in the process.  Not a very “organized” organized ride.  It was hot and humid and the handful of cheese and crackers I was able to pound down before the ride didn’t really fill the tank enough for 50 miles.  The vodka-lemonade afterward helped a little, but the 18 gallons of water I drank the rest of the night helped a lot more.  We had a good, but not great turn-out; 18(?) riders or so.  The most “fun” part was taking a short-cut thorough a subdivision where every road was a court that went downhill.  I think we tried 37 ways to get out before we found a walkway through a park to get us back to the road.  I think the subdivision is called “Purgatory”…  Some riders may still be looking for the exit today.

This morning it was the infamous Puker, and hour or so of hill repeats.  The turnout was a little on the light side, which I was hoping for anyway since I didn’t really have the legs for a beat-down.  On Tuesday I figured I’d bring the single-speed to this ride and drop the hammer, but when I rolled into the driveway last night I was 100% sure I’d be taking my light, geared road bike.  I’ll just have to live with that choice when I get passed at the next race.

Tonight – putting man-sized gears on the single-speed for the upcoming WORS race; 36:15 (26″).  Then I have a week or so to see if my legs can even turn those.

Tomorrow, a Pewaukee Lake ride at 5:30am followed by work, followed by beer.  After that, all bets are off.

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