Friday the 13th

…and my name is Jason.  The jokes never get old (yes they do).  Thankfully this only happens every so often.

Great ride with the Spokesmen this morning – although 2 flat tires on 2 different bikes in 20 miles was a possible sign of the Apocalypse?  Thank God we weren’t on mountain bikes in the woods somewhere or we would have been carried off by the mosquitoes.

I’m trying to ride myself back into peak shape and I seem to have misplaced my power somewhere.  It must be all the flat, faster road rides I’ve been doing.  I can cruise along forever, but I can feel my power fade on hills like it’s April.  Not sure how to get it back, other than hitting more hills.  It’s been really hard to get any significant time in on the single speed mountain bike with all the rain we’ve had.  I’m putting the big ring and cog on tonight for the Suamico WORS race, and taking it out on some road rides with the Spokesmen next week.  That should either kill me or cure me.

Drop the Doc ride tomorrow?

Published by Jason Kayzar

Unprofessional cyclist

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