Brought a knife to the gunfight

Monday morning road ride with the Spokesmen – I brought the 69er.  The new 36:15 gearing for the WORS race Sunday feels ridiculous compared to the biggest previous gears – 32:16.  We were rolling along at 20mph this morning, a speed previously reserved for downhills only on this rig.  Spinning up the paved roads felt like butta, I only hope Suamico is as flat and fast as they say it is.

I had no problem holding my own today, but there were only 3 of us and it was a fairly mild roll; bc was on the MASI commuter/’cross rig. Tomorrow’s ultra-hilly TMTOT will be another story.  Probably closer to 12 guys, all on road bikes, with tons of short, quick climbs.  That will be a much better test of my legs or lack thereof.

At least I was able to sweat out all of the leftover fried goop I ate off my kids’ plates at State Fair yesterday.

Published by Jason Kayzar

Unprofessional cyclist

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