6am Cedarburg Cobbles Crash in the dark

A great morning for me, but not a good way to start the day for 1 rider.  I headed to Whitefish Bay this morning for the 5:30am beat down ride.  Rolling out in the darkness 2-up, we picked up the pace right away.  Roads were wet and riding that fast in the dark, even with lights, definitely puts you on high alert.  Without a computer on my bike, my guess based on previous rides is that the pace averaged upwards of 23 mph.  As we rolled a right turn through an intersection in Cedarburg with decorative cobblestones, one rider coming through a little hot must have tapped the brakes and his bike immediately squirted one way and he Supermanned the other way onto the wet pavement.

One bloody arm and a quick realignment of bars and brake levers and we were off again.  Chip Pieper was keeping the pace hot all morning – this ride was not for the weak.  Pre-ride Wheaties were required.

Felt like July; 75 degrees and super-humid, except for the fact that it was dark most of the ride.  Post-ride coffee outside in the beautiful morning weather capped an awesome start to the day!

Published by Jason Kayzar

Unprofessional cyclist

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