Not quite ice fishing season yet, but that cool Lake breeze and 45-50 degree temps will definitely wake you up at 5:30am.

Cool enough for leg warmers and sleeves, but warm enough to feel just right once you’re warmed up.  Normally, this would feel much warmer, but I’ve really become pretty accustomed to our 80 degree mornings all summer, and I feel like a cold weather wimp.

Despite the darkness for the majority of the 33 mile ride today, there was no shortage of beat-down-ocity.  My long, kid-less weekend in Chicago consisted of staying out until bar-time, sleeping in and consuming many adult beverages.  Today was my first ride since Thursday, and my thighs felt like they were made out of wood by the time we finished.  I’m just glad we didn’t do 50 or I’d have been in rough shape.

A week and a half left until the last WORS race of 2010, and then it’s time to taper the riding a little and get some runs in.

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