Time for a massage!

I haven’t had one since about 3,000 miles ago, and I don’t remember when the last one was before that.  I take really good care of my bikes, but it’s funny how I put care of my body way down on the list; somewhere between lawn mowing and sump pump maintenance.  Massages are not really the luxury that I always think of them as.  If you think of massages and chiropractic care like you think of regular maintenance on your car or your bike, you should be putting semi-regular visits in your calendar based on your mileage too.
I typically treat the Chiropractor like the body shop – I visit after every major crash.  Thankfully, there was only 1 in 2010 so far, but it is still September.  Massages seem like a guilty pleasure, but anyone who’s had one after a tough race or a fast Century can certainly attest to their power.  Even a crappy massage feels good, but a real massage from someone who understands what they’re doing can be magical.  Cyclists are all about suffering; the more suffering you can endure, the better cyclist you are.  Same can be said about massages; you can’t loosen thousands of miles of knots with “light pressure” – sometimes you need to use jack hammers (or in the case of massage therapists – elbows).  Not much else hurts this good… can’t wait!

P.S. – THE massage therapist:


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