From: Doug Wambach @ Chiropractic Partners Cycling

“I can’t explain the sadness I feel for what has taken place in the last week.  I have gotten to know Jeff quite well this year and feel that I’m a better person for that.  Obviously this hits all of us hard as he was a very popular person with reason.  For me it was the long doc rides just chatting with him and 1 particular ride this year when I flatted near his shop, he fixed up the tire in seconds and told me to get out and ride, he refused to take my money.  For this reason it would be fitting that we do what any of us would want the other to do in this scenerio, ride our bikes.  Being together will also help in our pain.  I know many of us go to church on Sunday mornings, but lets make our peace this week out on the pavement, something Jeff would highly approve.  Let’s get together this Sunday at Attitudes in Pewaukee, leaving 9 AM,  and ride to Dousman (the same route he would on Sat mornings).  This summer Jeff routinely turned off on Waterville and headed back to the shop to open.  The route will be about 35 miles.   Lets ride in silence for the first 2 miles and pray for safe riding and for Kelly, Mike, Ashley and family.

Please join and spread the word to other riders/teams.”

Attitude Sports – Pewaukee:

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