Hundreds at the Littmann Loop ride on Sunday

A very long weekend.  Went to Jeff Littmann’s service on Saturday, and skipped the last WORS race to take part in the Littmann Loop memorial ride on Sunday.  I rode to the ride from my house, and I was a little overwhelmed by emotion on the way there.  The church service the day before was a very formal Catholic service, the ride was an informal service on a whole different level.  As I rode to Attitude, I realized the enormity of the loss.  It was bigger than 1 man, it was all of the thousands of people’s lives that he had left his mark on.
Who will fill that gap now?
Billy O. said a few words before we took off.
Old co-worker of mine at Vic Tanny, Justin Migliano who is a photojournalist for CBS 58 was there and did a very nice piece on the news last night:

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