October 13 Networking Ride wrap-up:

If you like riding your bike in 66 degree sunny weather, this was the ride for you.

About 16 (?) riders started, but we lost one early on to a broken spoke.  Those with intact wheels enjoyed about a 36 mile stroll through Lake Country, probably within a week of peak Fall colors.  Just a beautiful day, and a great mix of people.  We had riders from Green Bay, Madison and even Illinois (International if you include John Tonner, since he’s a Scotsman).

The pace was nice, even though Mark Lampe was possessed and constantly rode 10 yards off the front.  Those of us who had time hit up a local watering hole for a few pints of Guinness and schmoozing after the ride.  It’s amazing that people will pay $100 to do some golf event in the hopes that they will be able to talk to prospective clients or business partners.  Our networking rides are free (unless you buy a round of beers…), have over 300 riders on the email list, and include people from 4 of the top 10 & 13 of the top 100 businesses in Wisconsin.  What better way to meet prospective clients, business partners and friends?

I keep thinking that each ride will be the last one for the year in shorts and short sleeves, but this fantastic weather continues.  Join us Wednesday,  November 10th for the next ride – this time you might actually have to wear warmer gear.

Published by Jason Kayzar

Unprofessional cyclist

2 thoughts on “October 13 Networking Ride wrap-up:

  1. Yesterday was my first ride with the group. I had a great time and as Jason pointed out it was an awesome day for riding. If you have not ridden with the group you should really give it a try, great guys, and great conversation.

    See you all on the next ride!


  2. For anyone on the ride, we have a heck of a deal on trainers that we need some consumer feedback on:

    While supplies last! Follow link: teamkovi.com/kayzar.html

    50% off CycleOps Pro Series SuperMagneto Trainer — Just in time for colder weather.

    See you all next month!


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