If I had a dime for every time I heard that, let’s just say I’d have a lot of dimes.

The roads were in relatively good shape yesterday and 4 of us were game for a slightly shortened Networking ride.  20 degrees, sunny and very light winds made for surprisingly good conditions.  As we pulled out, the IS Corp car pulled up and a kid jumped out to take our picture.  Apparently, he had never seen guys riding in below freezing conditions(?).  As always, good company and good conversation abounded.  Several last-minute cancellations were called in due to “work”.  I’m starting to think that sub-50 degree temps make some people’s “work” inbox suddenly fill up (not you Lampe or Fleckenstein, I know you would have rolled with us).  And also as usual, the post-ride drinks were delicious.

Certainly better than the “during the ride” drinks, which were rendered useless (frozen) shortly after we left.

The bottom line is that with the right gear, riding in winter is just as fun, and mind-clearing as riding in summer.  Many of the same people who won’t ride in winter will ski, go snowmobiling or sit in tree stands for hours on end in sub-32 degree weather.  What’s crazy is sitting in a windowless cubicle for 9 hours a day sending emails to co-workers in the cubicles next to you.

2011 dates are all posted.  Mark your calendars and tell your friends.

There have been rumors swirling about “rookie riders buying rounds”… Don’t let it be you!

2 responses to ““You’re crazy!””

  1. Marty Weigel Avatar
    Marty Weigel

    Jason, have you considered hosting a networking ride at Ray’s when they open?


    1. Jason Kayzar Avatar

      I had not, but that’s a great idea.
      I tried an MTB networking group, but it never got going.


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