4 reasons why gears suck:

All set for a lovely ride on my newly (but not new) cobbled together Fetish 1×9 CX bike this morning.

24 degrees, clear roads – ready for action!  About 4 miles in, I started getting all kinds of weird noises out of the drive-train.  [Not to be confused with the ball bearing noise coming from my stem that the boy’s at Ben’s dropped in when they ran the cables for me (heee- heee- heee…).]

After about 3 bizarre dropped chain incidents, I thought I just had some cable stretch and it was figured out. Tweaked the rear derailleur and attempted a hill climb:  then the al Qaeda Dura Ace bomb went off!

This never happens on my single speeds…

Number 1:

Number 2:

Number 3:

Number 4:

For Sale: Slightly used Dura Ace rear derailleur – some minor wear.

Wanted: Used derailleur that can get up a hill or 2. Cheap.


Published by Jason Kayzar

Unprofessional cyclist

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