Despite what might have been the most beautiful day of the year, attendance for the August Networking Ride was only about half of July’s number.  Those who did participate were treated to a fantastic 33(ish) mile chat ride at about 18.5mph average speed with sunny temperatures in the mid 70s. 

We once again rode the route exactly as it appeared on the map, without missing a turn.  That’s 2 months in a row – a new World Record.  Too busy enjoying the weather to take any pics or do a headcount, but it looked something like this: (without the palm trees… or the ocean… or the mountains)

Post-ride, almost everyone hung out at Seester’s for a while.  John Beauchamp of One on One Physical Therapy made his 2011 return to the group and treated the group to a round of Negro Modelos, as did Bryan Wazbinski of Athea Laboratories.  Thanks again gents!

Next ride is Wednesday, September 14th @ 2:00.

I have committed to have a stand-alone website for the group online by September 1.  The site will have ride details (of course) but the goal is to share company and contact info with anyone who participates.

I have received MANY emails and calls over the past few years after rides asking me “…who was the guy in the black jersey who…?”.  Anyone who has seen the awesome power of my memory as I miss a turn on the route we’ve been riding for the past 3 years will tell you that I’m not so good with names.  There are well over 300 people on the ride email list – many of whom never make the rides, but are great people and great business resources.  This will be a way to share info 24/7/365.  I’m not a web guru, but many of you are, so I may lean on the techno-weenies for a little help.

See you all in September!

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