Five Things I Cannot Do (…and Five I Can)

5 Things I Cannot Do:

  • Play piano

a.    How cool would it be to just sit down at any piano and just go?  Not gonna happen.  I would struggle with “Chopsticks”.  Even more amazing – being able to sit down with my wife and play together.  I can’t sing either.

  • Cook (without a recipe)

a.    I like to eat.  I like to eat good, healthy food.  I can cook up a storm if I follow a recipe.  But I really envy people who understand food and wine and flavors well enough to slam them together from scratch into something magical.

  • Speak a foreign language (fluently)

a.    I understand quite a bit of Spanish – enough to serve as interpreter for the group when I’ve been in Mexico.  But I am very uncomfortable trying to have a conversation with someone who speaks Spanish fluently.

  • Dance

a.    You know that guy at every wedding that shouldn’t be on the dance floor?   I’m not EVEN him.  No dancing.

a.    This is just an untested skill.  If I ever had to physically defend myself or my friends or family, I would.  But in 42 years I’ve never had to.

5 Things I Can Do:

  • Face fears

a.    My wife and kids don’t think I’m afraid of anything.  Of course I am, but I’d rather make them feel that they’re safe – no matter what.

  • Parallel park a stick shift car.

a.    Took my driver’s test in a Renault Alliance with a 4 speed.  Chick magnet.

  • Perform CPR

a.    Haven’t used it yet, hope I never will, but I have kept my certification valid for 20 years.  I did have to give a friend the Heimlich a few years ago.

  • Drive a nail, chop down a tree, roof a house…

a.    I take satisfaction in doing things myself.

  • Take care of my wife & children

a.    Pretty self explanatory.  The only one that really matters anyway.

How about you? What’s on your lists?

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