January 2013 Networking ride wrap-up

Alrighty, due to the awesome power of the World Wide Interwebs, the Networking Ride blog looks like a malware site now:


The site is fine, no malware, but some 35-year-old douche-bag that lives in his parent’s basement is probably chuckling all over his Cheetos about this.  I’m just a caveman, so I haven’t figured out how to fix it yet.

Anyway, I thought I’d at least post a wrap-up for the last Networking ride here, before I forget.

We rolled last week, and there were 8 of us out in the unseasonably warm weather.  If you ask me what the forecast will be for the second Wednesday of any month I can honestly tell you that it will be spectacular.  This is the start of the 5th year of this ride, and I believe we were snowed out on one occasion, and rained on a time or 2.  That’s a pretty great track record for 48 consecutive rides in every month of the year in Wisconsin!

…happy to NOT be sitting at my desk right now
Aaron Schindler gettin' after it on 26" wheels
Aaron Schindler gettin’ after it on 26″ wheels
Do these tights make my butt look fat??
Do these tights make my butt look fat??

Be there on February 13th for a special Valentine’s Day Eve ride!  There will be bikes and beer!

If you’re down with it, you know the time and place.

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