ToAD 2015

Awesome 10 days of racing, and a surprising 4th overall after our leader had a string of bad luck and dropped from 2nd to 5th overall.

Great team, great guys, great sponsors and great event.

So... this happened...
So… this happened…


Jersey exchange?

Just throwing it out there…

I have a shit-ton of jerseys, and I figured it would be really cool to swap my old ones with someone from far, far away.  By total chance this weekend, I found some dude in Pakistan on Instagram rocking a jersey I sold on Ebay 2 years ago.

So I Googled “cycling jersey exchange”, and I found jack squat.  Nothing.

Here’s my “ask’:

I have jerseys – Men’s Large, race cut.   You have jerseys – Men’s Large, race cut?  Let’s swap – like for like.


I guarantee that they are not hideous:




The Windy 500 hits the big time


We’re proud to introduce our first 2015 in-kind sponsor: Pabst Blue Ribbon!

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I was pretty stoked when this Windy 500 care package arrived today!  PBR Racing jerseys, caps and some highly coveted head badges.  For years we have enjoyed this sweet, sweet nectar pre-, during and post-ride.  Now we’ll be flying the colors in style. 

Maybe it’s time to finally dump the Welfare/Goodwill bargain bin looks of the past and get all GQ this year…

"I say, old boy, which way to the Speakeasy?"
“I say, old boy, which way to the Speakeasy?”
OK, at least we all match in this one...
OK, at least we all match in this one…
The Original Rainbow Warrior?
The Original Rainbow Warrior?
Hey Greg, does this fat make me look fat?
Hey Greg, does this fat make me look fat?

Looks like we’ll have the biggest crew ever this time – stay tuned for more.

Live the Dream – Follow @pabst_milwaukee!

Golf – fat guys and cancer sticks


Golf is where it’s at!  Look at John Daly – livin’ the dream.  Sleep? Proper diet? Exercise?  SUCKERS.   Just because I have barely ridden my bike lately and only slept occasionally is no reason for me to give up on my dreams of being a competitive athlete.  Seriously, look at that tank!


Had I known I could suck a Newport Menthol in competition, I’d have made the transition eons ago.

Gimme a cheeseburger already!

2015 Windy 500 dates announced!

Non Object

​I flew to Switzerland last night to attend the official press announcement for the
2015 Windy 500.
​The event was a phenomenal, star-studded extravaganza.  I sat between Ben Stiller and Mark Cavendish.  Can’t believe that our little ride has grown into a Worldwide affair.
Anyway, the 2015 Windy 500 (V) will once again travel North to Escanaba, MI.
Looks like we may have found the perfect route in 2014, so we’re sticking with it.
The ride will take place July 31 – August 3, 2015.
Mark your calendars!
Interested in riding?