Well, it’s time to get started…

Goodbye 2013.  Good riddance. Yes, I had some fun on the bike.  Put on almost exactly the same number of miles as 2012, even though I took almost 3 full months off (I put less than 1,000 miles in after August).  Aside from the great riding though, this was a pretty uneventful year.  2014 looksContinue reading “Well, it’s time to get started…”

2013 Windy 500 report

Here we go… The kinder, gentler version of the Windy rolled out on July 25th and ended up also being the easiest, shortest, best attended and record # of flat tires (20ish?) so far.  No 160+ mile days at 20mph this year. Riding through the urban jungle (Racine is beautiful in July…) means riding throughContinue reading “2013 Windy 500 report”

Pin the number on the donkey

My 2013 ToAD – here it is: Day 1: (Day 2 of ToAD actually, but for all of us who don’t get paid to play – it’s Day 1) East Troy.  Nerves on edge, been training and looking forward to this since the end of ToAD last year (like hundreds of other riders).  Storm blowsContinue reading “Pin the number on the donkey”